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Training in AdvoCard

Maintaining training as a high priority in advocacy has been central to AdvoCard’s development. We aim to keep all our advocacy workers informed and skilled at delivering high quality advocacy to our service users. Training is also viewed as a major bonus to volunteers who seek to update and extend the knowledge and skills they bring to the project. Personal development is core

Initial Volunteer Training is our initial training for our new volunteers who want to deliver advocacy through the project. It is a 10 session training programme designed to develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary to carry out mental health advocacy. Find out more about volunteering with us.

AdvoCard Follow On Training and Development is aimed at active advocacy workers who want to update and increase their knowledge and skills for advocacy. We organise events and training in relation to the Mental Health (Care & Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003, as well as sessions, for example, on self-harm, homelessness, problematic substance use and welfare benefits.

External Training – we have a limited budget for external training opportunities and can support the attendance of some Volunteer Advocacy Workers at seminars, conferences and training sessions run by other organisations and providers. There is also a lot of free training on issues to do with mental health, well-being and related issues which volunteers regularly tap into.

Volunteer Trainers – In keeping with the original intentions of AdvoCard we have increased the number of Volunteer Advocacy Workers who are involved in training other volunteers.  With their own advocacy experiences under their belts, Volunteer Advocacy Workers co-facilitate or are otherwise involved with the initial training for new volunteers and other events, and are able to share their first hand knowledge with their peers.