Mental Health Act Advocacy Service

imageAdvoCard’s Advocacy Workers are independent from the local authority (social work), the NHS (mental health services) and  the justice system (tribunals).  

Advocacy for people affected by Scottish mental health laws

We can advocate for you if you are affected by these mental health laws in Scotland:

We can also help you to access legal representation and the Mental Welfare Commission Scotland

More than a service about detention and CTOs

If you are detained or on a CTO then we could also advocate regarding issues such as housing or benefits, so long as you:

  • live in the community
    • home, supported accommodation, residential care, temporary accommodation
  • are staying in a general hospital
    • e.g. Royal Infirmary, Western General, Liberton


We can also provide information regarding advocacy in the Act for:

  • service user groups – day services; drop-ins; supported/residential accommodation
  • mental health workers – statutory and voluntary sectors


It would help us if you provide the following details so we can get in touch with the person as quickly as possible:

  • Full name (initials are insufficient)
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details (address, phone or email)
  • Legal status 
  • Diagnosis 
  • Where the person is (e.g. at home, in hospital etc)

If AdvoCard can not advocate for you, we can help you to find an advocacy service that is better suited to your needs and location.  You can check out other advocacy services through SIAA

For referrals, please contact the Acting Advocacy Manager:

Devrim Turkay | 07920 207 566 | [email protected] 

Our Advocacy Workers are:  

Jane Auld | 07585 213 246 | [email protected]

Vincent Gill | 07920 207 567 | [email protected]

Sejin Moon | 07780 301 710 | [email protected]