We’ve provided a series of links to other websites and groups you may be interested in. We’ve favoured Advocacy organisations, mental health services and Scottish sites, but also included some other UK sites which we think might be of interest. We leave it to visitors to decide which sites work for them.

We’ve tried to group them in a helpful way, but it’s not an easy undertaking; some groups overlap; some people might feel we’ve placed a site wrongly. We’ve placed each site in the group that we felt describes their chief function. We acknowledge that we may need to revisit these choices form time to time!

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Reviewed January 2019

National Services
Mental Health Law
Edinburgh & Lothian Services
Service Users Sites
Campaigning and awareness raising groups


CAPS (Consultation Advocacy Promotion Service)  CAPS is an independent advocacy organisation for people who use or have used mental health services. We are completely independent from the people who fund us and those who provide other services to the people we work with. We provide individual and collective advocacy in East Lothian and Midlothian. We also host several experience-led projects across Lothian.

EARS Advocacy Service  EARS is an independent advocacy service that has been providing advocacy to people in the Edinburgh and the Lothians since 1999.  Originally known as the Edinburgh Advocacy & Representation Service, it was funded to provide free, one to one independent advocacy for older people in Edinburgh and later the Lothians. Over the years it has developed into a service that can now provide independent advocacy to a range of people.

Edinburgh Carers’ Council  We are a local Edinburgh charity that provides free, confidential and independent advocacy for carers supporting someone with mental health difficulties.

Partners in Advocacy  In Edinburgh we offer;

  • Those over 65 years old who do not have anyone to help them speak up for themselves.
  • Individual adults (over 16) who have a physical disability.
  • Individual adults (over 16) who have a learning disability.
  • Collective groups of adults (over 16) who have a physical disability and adults who are over the age of 65 and who do not have anyone to help them speak up for themselves.
  • Advocacy for children and young people with additional support needs.

Royal Edinburgh Hospital Patients’ Council  We are run by service users for service users. We are an independent collective advocacy project for people who use or have used the services of The Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance  SIAA promotes, supports and defends the principles and practice of independent advocacy across Scotland. The SIAA directory contains details of over 100 advocacy organisations across Scotland.

The SIAA brought out ‘Principles and Standards for Independent Advocacy’ and a ‘Code of Practice for Independent Advocacy’ in 2008.

National Services

Bipolar Scotland  We provide information, support and advice for people affected by bipolar disorder / manic depression and those who care for them.  We also promote self-help throughout Scotland, and inform and educate about the condition.

Breathing Space  Sometimes our thoughts and feelings can overwhelm us. It helps to get some Breathing Space. Pick up the phone – we’re here to listen.

Choose Life  A national strategy and action plan to prevent suicide in Scotland

Hearing Voices Network  We offer information, support and understanding to people who hear voices and those who support them.

Inclusion Scotland  Inclusion Scotland (IS) is a consortium of organisations of disabled people and disabled individuals

LGBT Mind Matters  We are a unique community initiative that promotes the health, wellbeing and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Scotland.

Mental Health Tribunal Scotland  We provide a responsive and accessible, independent and impartial service to help make decisions on the compulsory care and treatment of people with mental disorders in Scotland.

Mental Welfare Commission Scotland  The MWC Scotland is an independent organisation working to safeguard the rights and welfare of everyone with a mental illness, learning disability or other mental disorder

NHS Health Scotland  Working for a fairer healthier Scotland

Penumbra Penumbra is one of Scotland’s largest mental health charities. We support around 1000 adults and young people every week and employ 400 staff across Scotland. Founded in 1985, we work to promote mental health and wellbeing for all, prevent mental ill health for people who are ‘at risk’, and to support people with mental health problems. We provide a wide range of services which offer hope and practical steps towards recovery, and we campaign to increase public knowledge about mental health and to influence national and local government policy.

Scottish Association Mental Health  SAMH operates a wide range of services across Scotland for people with mental health problems. It also strives to influence public policy as it affects people with mental health problems

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations  Championing Scotland’s vibrant charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

Scottish Recovery Network  SRN aims to engage communities across Scotland in debate on how best to promote and support recovery from long term mental health problems

Support In Mind Scotland  Action for people affected by mental illness.  We are still known for our particular expertise in understanding schizophrenia and psychosis and the impact that this has on families and we still actively campaign to challenge the stigma experienced specifically by people living with schizophrenia.

Well Scotland  Well Scotland is the national mental health improvement website for Scotland. It is a resource intended for professionals who currently work in, or have an interest in the mental health improvement field.  Working in partnership with Scotland’s national agencies, its purpose is to provide up to date information on recent  developments in the mental health improvement area.

Mental Health Law

Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003

Mental Health (Scotland) Act 2015

Adult Support & Protection (Scotland) Act 2007

Adult with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000

Edinburgh & Lothian Services

City of Edinburgh Council  Your council – your city.

NHS Lothian  NHS Lothian provides a comprehensive range of primary, community-based and acute hospital services for the second largest residential population in Scotland – circa 800,000 people.

Edinburgh Crisis Centre
The Crisis Centre is accessible 24 hours a day 365 days of the year and provides community based, emotional and practical support to people over eighteen who are using or have used mental health services in Edinburgh and their carers when they are facing a crisis.

Edspace – an online information service for those in Edinburgh:

    • People experiencing mental health difficulties
    • Carers, family and friends of people experiencing mental health difficulties
    • Employees of service providers across the statutory, voluntary and private sectors
  • Anyone with an interest in mental health and wellbeing

Service Users Sites

VoX | Voice of Experience  VOX is a National Mental Health Service User Led organisation, we work in partnership with mental health and related services to ensure that service users get every opportunity to contribute positively to changes in the services that serve them and wider society.

Campaigning and awareness raising groups

Bipolar UK   We’re the national charity dedicated to supporting individuals with the much misunderstood and devastating condition of bipolar, their families and carers. Each year we reach out to and support over 80,000 individuals through our range of services.

Mind    We’re Mind, the mental health charity.  We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.  We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.  We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

The Mental Health Foundation  We are the UK’s leading mental health research, policy and service improvement charity.  Our knowledge, informed by rigorous research and practical based study, has been pioneering change for more than 60 years and we aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo or tackle difficult or under researched issues.

See Me | End mental health discrimination  See Me is Scotland’s programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. We are funded by the Scottish Government and Comic Relief, and managed by SAMH and the Mental Health Foundation.

Disability Information Scotland  Previously known as Update, we re-branded in 2015 to ensure that our purpose was clear and easily understood to all.  Disability Information Scotland helps to guide people through the maze of disability information.

Well Scotland  Well Scotland is the national mental health improvement website for Scotland. It is a resource intended for professionals who currently work in, or have an interest in the mental health improvement field.  Working in partnership with Scotland’s national agencies, its purpose is to provide up to date information on recent  developments in the mental health improvement area.