Rights Based Care Partnership Symposium

AdvoCard are taking part in the Rights Based Care Partnership Symposium which is taking place online on Thursday 8th October.

Our Community Collective Advocacy Development Workers Becky Leach and Patricia Rodger will both be presenting their recent collective advocacy work, while our Advocacy Manager Arlene Astley will be giving the summing up talk, looking at what we have learned from the day and how that can be taken forward and incorporated into the work of the Health and Social Care Partnership going forward.

Patricia will be launching the Mind our Rights report along with Simon Porter of the Patients Council and Anne O’Donnell of Learn. You can read the full report here

Becky will also be talking about rights based care in the community, specifically referring to our peer research on people’s experiences of side effects of mental health medication, treatment and support for physical health issues, and people’s experiences in the Emergency Department (A&E | All & Equal).

The full reports can be read here

Since we published the A&E | All & Equal report in 2016, we’ve been working together with people with lived experience of mental health issues and the Emergency Department at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh to deal with some of the issues that came up in the peer research and improve things for people with mental health issues when they use the Emergency Department.

To mark What Matters to You? Day (earlier this year), Sara Robinson from the Emergency Department wrote a blog post about our collaborative work: https://www.edinburghemergencymedicine.com/blog/2020/6/8/what-matters-to-you

All these reports were made possible through the contribution of Edinburgh Community Voices collective advocacy group. We are currently running online Edinburgh Community Voices collective advocacy meetings. These meetings are for anybody who lives in Edinburgh and who has lived experience of mental health issues. At the moment we are meeting on the first Wednesday of every month, 2 – 3.15pm, we will also be adding a second monthly meeting on a different day for those who cannot attend Wednesday groups.

Please contact Becky if you’re interested in taking part – [email protected]