Consultation: Work, health and disability: improving lives

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are holding a consultation on what changes need to happen within the welfare system. They are looking at how they can help people stay in work longer, how they can support people who are ready for work and what support they can offer those who are not yet capable of any type of work. AdvoCard have been asked to provide a response to this consultation. This is an opportunity for those of you who use our service to have your say and to be heard. We are all aware that there needs to be massive change in the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) assessment process and in employer attitudes towards people with mental health conditions but what changes would you like to see happen?

Please take a few minutes to complete our survey. Don’t worry if you don’t answer all the sections, you only need to respond to the parts that are relevant to you or that you have an opinion. Feel free to include separate sheets for your answers if you need to. Once done please return to Arlene or Patricia at AdvoCard, 332 Leith Walk EH6 5BR

If you need advocacy support with your benefits please contact Arlene on 0131 554 5307 / [email protected]

Download AdvoCard’s DWP Survey